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Joseph C. Bellino

Actor, Vocalist, Musician - New York City

Sasketch Show is a New York City based online comedic series created by Karen Bray, Joseph Bellino, Paul Libero and Andrew Lynagh. All episodes are written, produced and filmed by the Sasketch Show crew. They each perform in the sketches as well as feature local actors. Episodes are released bi-weekly.  Have you had a Sasketch Show sighting yet?


Opposites attract. Or do they? Roommates Tom and George are best buddies until Tom's predisposition to the nuances of scents around him, puts somewhat of a strain on their friendship.


Amazingly Amish
Sometimes, living in a world of modesty and simplicity isn't quite what it seems.




KGOR Channel 8 Breaking News. Field Reporter Chip Carrera reports on a drug dealer that has been exposed by former customer, Chronic.


The Battle of the New Millennium! In one corner, weighing in at 4.8 ounces....THE SMARTPHONE!  In the other corner, coming in at 3 pounds on average...THE BRAIN! Who will win this epic battle?


Ben the Humicorn

Ben is just your average guy with a not so average trait.  Watch, listen and live a day in the life of Ben, the Humicorn.


It's Made by Scientists! 

Getting Serious

There comes a time in every relationship when it's time to stop clowing around  and start getting serious.

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